Oct 14

R2-D2 Papercraft

This papercraft took me about one week, with probably 2 hours spent on it a day. This was my first papercraft that wasnt an alkalic cube or close to cube. I didnt design this papercraft, i just constructed it from the design turned up here: paperkraft.blogspot.com
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  1. MrOzMendez says:

    1 person will get electricuted by R2-D2’s zapper!

  2. sikshot16 says:


  3. sporemisio says:

    at end it was like rd-d2 said a my body xD nice job!

  4. Andriaccini says:

    Oh sorry, I ment R5-D4. And my current project is a lifesize R6-K9.

  5. ricojordanrai says:

    @Andriaccini R5???? d2

  6. Andriaccini says:

    Cool! Im currently making a 12 cm tall cardboard R5-D2, I might post here something about it…

  7. Rooboner117 says:

    Should have used construction paper

  8. pikachupikaboo3 says:

    Pretty Good!

  9. havp101025 says:

    my first papercraft was a C3po. It was difficul but I got a reaaly good work

  10. coolnerd92 says:

    link in the description if u want to do it

  11. UchihaShirubi says:

    Try googling papercraft, or papercraft museum, nintendo papercraft etc. Theyre easy to find!

  12. LarfinMan says:

    I use a crappy glue stick…
    My instruments for papercraft are: BIG pair of scissors, big crappy gluestick and a toothpick (to press down those hard to reach flaps)

  13. hawwking714 says:

    where does everyone find the designs

  14. lordvader6169 says:

    Awesome work! I just finished mine today and i have to say, yours turned out better. Don’t get me wrong, I like how mine ended up but yours looks more like the picture. I just wish my legs were pose able (gluing accident). What kind of glue did you use?

  15. lurkerrekrul says:

    Yup. I just checked and you’re right. I think this one has better detailing though.

  16. hfklsd says:

    you probably got yours from cut and paste sci fi they made a bigger scale size one if you follow the paper size.

  17. lurkerrekrul says:

    I have an R2D2 papercraft I got from somewhere else that is supposed to raise and lower the third leg automatically when you tilt him back. Never built it though.

    I always wanted to take one of these and scale it up to life size. :)

  18. DogoSanji says:

    Very nice work!

  19. Desdicharo says:


    Very nice work, congrads, I started my R2 yesterday, but I messed it up, so I’ll have to print it out again. But non the less, great work!
    I built WH tanks take a look at them if you would like.

  20. ekdd10n11 says:


  21. sorax626 says:

    nice work